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Brave Dave Foundation Macleay Lynch is a Founding Sponsor
of the Brave Dave Open

There is no Federal Holiday in June. But for the staff of Macleay, Lynch, the third Friday of the month has always been a holiday, of sorts. On that day, the attorneys and staff of the firm provide the leg-work for the Brave Dave Open (BDO), a tournament founded by partner, John Lynch and his law school room-mate, David Gearing, who contracted multiple sclerosis shortly after their graduation. Since 1999, the Brave Dave Open has raised over $600,000.00, in the effort to find a cure for multiple sclerosis and all other auto-immune diseases that afflict over 50 million Americans. As Gearing will tell you, “without the folks at Macleay Lynch, the BDO would simply not go.”

Dave Gearing’s disability forced him to retire as an attorney with the federal government in the early 1990’s. In an effort to fight back against the disease which has placed him in a wheel chair for the last 15 years, he and Mr. Lynch conceived the idea of a charitable golf tournament to support the research to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Since that time, the tournament has grown with nearly 40 on-going sponsors including GEICO Insurance Company and Outback Steakhouse along with a maximum capacity of 140 golfers. The tournament serves as the primary fundraising device for the Brave Dave Foundation which works directly with several on-going clinical trials seeking a cure.

“When we stared, research into finding a cure for one autoimmune disease ran parallel to research for another” says Lynch. “What we are proudest of is that the Brave Dave Open, through the Brave Dave Foundation, has greatly increased the level of cooperation between what had been independent research groups.”

But on that third Friday June each year, the staff of Macleay, Lynch, while mindful of the BDO’s serious goal is there to greet the sponsors and golfers for an entire day of productive fun. Each golfer is greeted and encouraged to be a generous as possible and is rewarded with what Gearing refers to as the “greatest goodie bag ever.” Lunch is provided by Chik-Fil-A and Hooters and the golf is played on the beautiful Blue Mash Golf Course in Olney, Maryland. After an afternoon of scrambles competition, the day is capped off with a magnificent steak dinner provided by Outback Steakhouse and a live auction of significant sports memorabilia. “One of my favorite possessions is a ball signed by the entire Maryland Championship team” notes Lynch.

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