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Client-Focused Legal Defense And Liability Services

As a working professional in the DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) region, you have high expectations of your business partners and associates. Your work demands strategy, forethought and understanding to achieve your professional goals. It makes sense to extend these expectations to your legal partners as well. This is why professionals choose to work with us at Macleay, Lynch & Lapidus, P.C., when facing problematic liability lawsuits. Since 1946, we have built a reputation of successful and cost-effective representation and defense services for insurance carriers and their insureds.

For cases of complex injury liability and insurance defense, you know that experience matters. With decades of working in personal injury, our attorneys have seen everything. We have a thorough understanding of complex liability in cases involving car accidents, workplace injuries and premises liability. Though we primarily work with insurance companies, we have also secured favorable resolutions for individuals and business owners.

We excel in the following defense-oriented litigation cases:

  • Insurance defense
  • Condominium disputes
  • Construction-related accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Appeals

Through all these legal challenges, we will work alongside you as responsible business partners and present the most economical, cost-effective and impactful solutions available.

Find A Legal Solution With An Eye Toward The Future

At Macleay, Lynch & Lapidus, P.C., foresight is among our attorneys’ most valuable traits. We prepare every case for trial, but understand that this may not be the best outcome. We never promote a resolution that is against the best interests of our client and always provide transparent assessments and honest counsel. We know how much an injury defense suit can cost you, so we prioritize balance in all things. We develop our strategy as if we’re making a business decision and fairly assess the value of potential outcomes, costs and risks. Whether this leads to arbitration, litigation or mediation, we will pursue the quickest outcome at the most affordable price point possible.

Our Lawyers Are Just A Call Away

You can call Macleay, Lynch & Lapidus, P.C. at 202-785-0123 to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers today. The sooner we can get started on building your defense, the faster we can work to deliver you a favorable resolution. Reach out to us today.